Our Story

Little Shooters was started in 2013 over a cup of coffee in Cardiff by Richard & Rosie. Bringing a mix of Business experience and Sporting skills to the table, we were both passionate about giving girls the same opportunities to play sports as boys are from a young age.

Richard-RosieInspired to fill a gap in the market with a product that could compete with the established companies who were focused on Rugby and Football – they set out to deliver a better product, with a great service in a style that would appeal to little girls and their mums.

Designed by the Little Shooters coaching team, our ‘play-based netball classes’ were born. With the help of some family, colleagues & friends sitting around our kitchen table (a massive thank you Dan, Nic, Jo and Caroline!) we shaped our product into one that tries to meet the needs of mums & daughters who want to consume sport in an altogether different way to traditional boys sports. But we hope we have done it in a way where we can retain teaching the positives about competition, the importance of ‘team’ & the social confidence that girls can miss out on by not playing sports!

Saturday 4th January 2014 saw us hold our very first classes for kids from 2.5 years, up to 8 years old. The great reactions from parents and kids has told us we are one step closer to our Company Purpose:

To inspire more young girls to enjoy netball. Simple!

Little Shooters has had an amazing short journey to date. We hope you keep an eye out on how Little Shooters grows and develops as a company in the future. Keep checking back with us!

the Little Shooters Team