Calling All Netball Superheroes!

Calling All Netball Superheroes!

To start our new term with a bang – we are having a little competition & a lot of fun! We want to see how many of our Little Shooters netballers have secret superhero-ness inside them?!

We want to see as many of our Little Shooters wearing a Superhero masks! You can print one of our masks (below) or if you are really feeling adventurous you can make one of your own! We will pick a winner & they will get a FREE Term of Netball at any of our venues. The competition is open to everyone, new or current customers :-).

GOOD LUCK! Little Shooters x

Superhero Mask Instructions!

1. Click on the mask you would like.
2. Press print & the mask will be printed in A4 size or for smaller faces print to A5 size (use card or thicker paper for best results).
3. Cut around the edge of the mask and cut out the eyes (this bit is best done by an adult).
4. Make a hole for the straps where it says cut here (this bit is best done by an adult).
5. attach a piece of string or elastic at the back of the mask.
6. Strike a Superhero pose (with netball in hand?!) & ask mummy or daddy to take a photo of you!
7. Send it to us via email, Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #NetballSuperheroes.