Our Classes In Wales

Our Classes In Wales
We have been running Little Shooters for over 2 years now with the goal of giving young girls the same opportunities as boys to love sport from an early age. Thankyou for the amazing support we have had from the parents & girls who have come to our classes every week. We wanted to say a massive thankyou to you!
Unfortunately we have had absolutely no wider support. A lack of encouragement we expected (because we were ’new’ to the netball world in Wales), but we really didn’t expect people to consciously work against what we are doing. Sadly, there are & it has been made unnecessarily hard to run our business in Wales. So we have very reluctantly decided not to run classes in Wales during 2016. We are really really disappointed & so sorry to let our girls down.
Netball is a fantastic sport & there are lots of great people involved in Netball in Wales who want to see the sport grow. Sadly there are others who would rather see the sport stagnate, than embrace change.
Many Thanks
Little Shooters